Graphic Design

Pumpkin Graphic

I created this pumpkin graphic to show my skills in Adobe Illustrator. First, I sketched out some ideas in the Procreate app on my iPad. Then, I imported the sketch into Adobe Illustrator where I used the pencil tool to trace my sketch. I then perfected the graphic and added shading and highlights.

This graphic showcases my ability to take an idea from sketch to vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator.

Stethoscope Graphic

I made this stethoscope graphic for a nursing assistant eLearning course I am working on for a client. This is one of many healthcare-themed graphics I am working on for this course. The graphic is of the 3M Littmann brand stethoscope. Made in Adobe Illustrator from scratch.

This graphic showcases my ability to create a detailed graphic in Adobe Illustrator to fit a client's needs.

Omnicell 340B "Claim Train"

I created this custom graphic for an eLearning course I designed and developed for Omnicell's 340B BPE OPEX training team. This graphic was made to show a visualization of their claim qualification process. After speaking to multiple stakeholders in a creative briefing, I put together a few different options on Canva and made sure to follow Omnicell's brand guidelines.

This custom graphic showcases my graphic design skills in Canva, and the ability to follow through with ideas discussed with stakeholders. It also showcases my ability to follow various brand guidelines.

Fruit and Veggie Icons

I created these custom icons for Tim Slade's eLearning Academy January Challenge. Tim challenged members of the community to create icons strictly from Microsoft PowerPoint. I decided to create fruit and vegetable icons for their variety. I used different shapes from the shape tool in PowerPoint to create broccoli, celery, a banana, and more!

These icons showcase my graphic design skills in Microsoft PowerPoint and show my ability to think creatively (for example, the broccoli was created with speech bubbles.)


Type: Custom Graphics and Icons

Client: Personal Portfolio, Freelance Client, Omnicell 340B eLearning Academy Challenge

Date: Septemeber 2022, August 2022; January 2022


Adobe Illustrator


Microsoft PowerPoint



Graphic Design